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July 3, 2021

4.00 pm

Institutional greetings

Prof. Huguette Desmet, University of Mons, Member of AIFREF, Belgium
Prof. Nicola Giacopini, Director of IUSVE, Salesian University Institute, Venice-Mestre, Italy
Prof. Maurizio Fabbri, Director of the Educational Department G. M. Bertin, University of Bologna, Italy
Prof. Catia Giaconi, Vice President SIPeS, University of Macerata, Italy


Anna Pileri, IUSVE, Italy

4.30 pm

Understanding, theorising and practising inclusion
Prof. Jean Pierre Pourtois, President AIFREF, University of Mons, Belgium

4.45 pm

The international dimension of inclusion and the Italian experience
Prof. Roberta Caldin, Department of Educational Sciences G. M. Bertin, University of Bologna, Italy

5.00 pm

Internationalisation in inclusive education: seven keys to orientation in the context of political, economic and social changes
Prof. Jean Claude Kalubi, University of Quebec, Canada

5.30 pm


French SessionL’inclusion aujourd’hui entre complexité et nouveaux défis
Véronique Francis, University of Orleans, France; Anna Pileri, Christian Crocetta, IUSVE University, Italy

Italian SessionDar corso all’autonomia di vita nell’emergenza sanitaria
Valeria Friso, Luca Decembrotto, University of Bologna, Italy; Enrico Miatto, IUSVE University, Italy   

English SessionBuilding an inclusive cultural framework: a challenge for families, professionals and institutions
Alessia Cinotti, Roberta Garbo, University of Milan Bicocca, Italy

7.00 pm

Conclusion and remarks
will be carried out in the respective narrative sessions

With the Translation of:

Claudia Farini, French language

Aldo Grassi, English language